Star of the Sea School Mural

I have just finished my first mural at Star of the Sea primary school in Gladstone. It is the biggest artwork I have ever created – 8 x 3 metres!!!

It took me about 4 days from early morning till late afternoon painting and also a couple of night time stealth missions to project the image on the wall!! :-)

This is the preliminary drawing! I tried to capture elements of the school with the chapel and school motto incorporated with images of Gladstone and Queensland. All with bright fun colours.

The first sketch, not too much detail!! :-)

End of the First Day.

End of the second day and I’ve decided I LOVE painting outside!! :-D

Hard at work! :-)

And the Finished Mural!

Many thanks to Star of the Sea School for letting me paint some artwork on their walls!! I had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it, I hope I get to do more mural work in the future.

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