Fashion Illustration

Victoria, An original pastel drawing inspired by Armani. On ‘Rose Grey’ 300gsm Colourfix Paper.  Available as a print on Red Bubble.

Elizabeth, Original Pastel painting inspired and based on a photograph.  Available as a print on Red Bubble.

Inspired by classic fashion houses, this drawing is a blend of Graphite Pencil and Pastel colours.  Available as a print on Red Bubble.

Design D’Autore regularly send through exciting artwork on Facebook and last week they posted the most amazing images of Dancers from various photographers. The photographer Andre Brito in particular caught my eye, the movement and flow of dancers are just beautiful and inspired me to paint this dancer mid-flight!!

I recently stumbled across a photographer by the name of Chelsea Millunchick, she has a beautiful blog displaying Fashion and Art from around the world, Willow & Frank. I was so inspired by the beautiful dresses she photographed I had to draw them! I thought the blue background was something a little different and added a little drama to the picture!! Thank you Chelsea ♥●•٠·

Inspired from a photograph by Chelsea Millunchick.

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